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Another world is possible, not only possible, but also urgently necessary. Because it is an undeniable fact that the system we live in is not sustainable. If we don't change our way of life and leave this wild capitalism system based on consumption now, it will be too late tomorrow. At Sacred Aeon Festival, we offer you many different workshops to discuss and implement the practices of a new and sustainable world. There are two major dangers threatening our world today. The rapid decline of biodiversity and the increased greenhouse gas production... is difficult to predict which of these will bring the end of our todays world. However, if there is one thing, it is necessary to take action without delay. Although the biggest task lies in global corporations and governments, but there is also much we can do individually. We invite all our participants to raise awareness and revolt against the disappearance of the world in order to be able to meet in the coming years in our natural habitat and to realize the life practices of a different world together.

Welcome to the 5th dimension of ascension.

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The ancient past and futuristic ideas harmonizing into the present now, Sacred Aeon Festival's free zones getting ready to create model conscious communities. Join us for another world ! 

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Do not despair and give into cynicism. Another world is possible and together we can transform our beautiful planet. 

We are unstoppable, another world is possible.

Jacque Fresco - Venus project

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